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January 1, 2021

Greetings to our Juicy e-cultivators!

Today we want to talk to you about the past present and future of Juicy Fields.

Which is the new year 2021 with the most optimistic and bold plans?

Try to imagine the full picture of our Juicy Future along with important facts that are related on  office expansion, financial growth, bumper crops and the necessary legislative changes in favor of cannabis in many countries…

But first things first, we’d like to take a look back at how it all began to help you understand about what we talking about.

The Beginning of Juicy Fields

2020 turned out to be an eventful year, as in the first half of the year alone we opened two main offices in Berlin and Malta, followed by our recent travels and establishment in Portugal!

And, as if registering several companies wasn’t enough, we managed to obtain import and export licenses for our new JuicyHigh branded products to be used for our own product selection which includes: vaporizer oils, cosmetics, cannabis accessories, delicious and appetizing food products, as well as Juicy Fields branded apparel and office supplies, not to mention our high-end luxury line.

Juicy Fields products

Then came three fully equipped and modern growing facilities, which were launched in Colombia, North Macedonia and Portugal, where all the baby clones are growing right now! We will make a great effort to let you watch them live via CCTV cameras directly from the JuicyFields personal accounts.

Because of you, our amazing e-cultivators, we will harvest 3 TONS or precisely 3958,693 kilograms of medical cannabis in 2020. Something that make Juisy team feel fullfish.

medical cannabis

And starting in January we will be doing special reports for you from our Juicy centers located around the world.

JuicyFields assets plan to expand into new countries:

  • A new partner facility in Mexico with 11 hectares of land will join JuicyFields next year. The final preparations underway are related to official government approvals.
  • Costa Rica is also almost ready to join us officially and we are waiting for the last steps with the documentation of a new partner to be inspected before finalization.
  • An African partner, with licenses to be obtained in January 2021 and 9 hectares of land in Lesotho, is waiting for our JuicyBoxes, with solar batteries on the roof, to be installed!
  • A new partner in Denmark with 11 hectares will also install JuicyBox containers and greenhouses. Licenses will be obtained after the pilot harvests in 2021.
  • Our newest European partner in North Macedonia, owns about 10 hectares of land and has all licenses in hand. We dare to claim that 150 brand new JuicyBoxes will be installed over the course of 2021 in that country.

Juicy expand new countries

New initiatives


Juicy Fields Contest

Considering that JuicyFields experts are constantly developing new multifunctional greenhouse models, we decided to hold a competition for the best design and construction and invite experienced engineers from the industry to participate. 

The evaluation will include costs, quality of materials and equipment, as well as their adherence to international standards. Special attention will also be given to concepts and design. 

We’ve been so far these days, thank to you and the world, which is changing, and developing to good new things.


Juicy Boxes Juicy Fields

Demonstration models of JuicyBox containers will be available for tours in Switzerland, North Macedonia and Spain. At the same time, they will be used in the operation for the cultivation of high quality cannabis. Considering the demand of our electronic growers, JuicyFields decided to give them the opportunity to see these mobile greenhouses with their own eyes.


Juicy fields tour

Since the COVID-19 restrictions could be lifted and when it is safe to do so, we will be able to organize tours for our dear supporters on different continents: in Europe, Latin America and Africa!

JuicyHigh Club

The launch of the first JuicyHigh Club, based in Valencia, is planned for the first quarter of 2021, a space for patients, professionals and supporters to come together and build something that pushes the boundaries of the current industry to where we believe cannabis should be placed.

New aspects of JuicyFields’ business model

By the end of 2021, Juicy Fields senior management plans to grow 75,000 kilograms of cannabis and invest over 50,000,000 Euros in the cannabis industry. This would be possible thanks to the facilities of new partners adding to our assets.

The shift to a direct sales business process will also facilitate the achievement of this goal. Until now Juicy Fields has always sold medical cannabis through partners, however, starting next year, licensing permitting, we are planning to do our first direct deal. Fewer parties involved means higher profits, which will go towards the development of large projects in Costa Rica, Mexico, Lesotho and Macedonia.

In addition, the Portuguese office will become a cannabis distribution capital in Europe. All THC products will be shipped to Portugal and then directed to our official subsidiaries in Germany or the UK, from where they will be sold through local businesses and pharmacy chains. This commercial process will also require the creation of new GMP packaging for the products and obtaining official distribution rights in Portugal. 

Juicy THC products

JuicyFields is developing its own THC brand, which is scheduled to be registered in the first quarter of 2021. We are open to new business opportunities and contracts with distributors in countries that allow THC products. Therefore, we have a number of ongoing negotiations with potential partners, growers, pharmaceutical companies and distribution chains. It… never stops!

THC products used for recreational purposes are also planned to be distributed in the USA, Canada and Uruguay.

However, the most important end result of all our ambitious and bold plans comes down to our electronic growers. None of this would have been possible without you believing in us and supporting us in every way possible.

The historic votes at the United Nations are further proof of the favorable changes that demonstrate the right time for cannabis business, which can lead to a JuicyHigh Future full of prosperity and joy.

You can check all the information on our website https://www.juicyfields.site or register on our platform.

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